Do you have an old outdated Joomla website?  Using Joomla 1.5 or 2.5?

Do you have outdated components and plugins?

Ask us about our Joomla upgrade and migration service.

Not only is your business and website at high risk of being hacked or defaced due to known exploits of outdated system, you also risk your website host from completely suspending or deleting you website without notice if a hack occurs.  Like updating your virus protection, your website needs regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure your risk of being exploited is reduced.

If you have a Joomla website in 1.5 that became 'end of life' in 2012 you may or may not be aware of the dangers and should act today!


We specialise in migrating old websites to new platforms and we have been doing it since 2008.  We are able to redesign or match your old website template with a new mobile responsive design to take advantage of the newer structure of the latest Joomla. We can also convert or upgrade Wordpress websites.


  • Assess your websites current status
  • Evaluate components, modules and plugins with current releases
  • Assess the migration from old versions to new or if a replacement is required
  • Undertake a complete backup of your old website
  • Perform a migration transfer of all page information, images, menus etc
  • Design a new mobile responsive template
  • Upgrade or install new components or elements for the website
  • Test the new system and show you the outcome
  • Replace your old website with your new one.


Depending on your current website the time and costs for this can vary from a few hours to a few weeks, however we will provide you with an obligation free estimate.