Do you have an old ecommerce website that needs updating?


Have you been quoted thousands of dollars to upgrade an old website to a newer version?

Is the prospect of starting again to re-enter all of your products manually scaring the pants off you?


Relax, we can help.

We can upgrade or convert your websites ecommerce platform from an old out dated system like Virtuemart to latest versions or convert it to a better ecommerce platform like Magento.


  • Assess your websites current status
  • Evaluate components, modules and plugins with current releases
  • Assess the migration from old versions to new or if a replacement is required or a converstion to a different cart
  • Undertake a complete backup of your old website
  • Perform a migration transfer of all page information, images, menus etc
  • Design a new mobile responsive template
  • Upgrade or install new components or elements for the website
  • Test the new system and show you the outcome
  • Replace your old website with your new one.