When you have finished my website do I own it?

Yes you do.  Whenever we develop a website you pay us for the development and we hold no copyright or ownership of the content or site.  You are free to use the website with another hosting company.


How long does it take to develop my website?

This all depends on how quickly you can give us all of your page content, design brief, images and anything else we need to know to build it.  Generally once we have a clear direction from you on the site design, contents and functions we will do our best to give you a draft in a week or two.  You will be able to login and see the website with a protected login and view the progress and give us feedback during development.  We will ask you for approval at the design stage and make changes as needed.  Once the design is signed off by you, we will continue to build the page content and layout of the information.  When we have finished this we will ask for your approval again, and if you sign off then the website is finished.  The time this process takes will depend on how quickly you can give us everything we need to develop the design, like you logo and page information.  Without this the project can stall which is very frustrating for developers.  We welcome you to send us EVERYTHING you think will help us to make the process as quick as possible.


How stable is your website hosting?

We manage our own website hosting server, and do not rely on third parties.  The server is located in a secure Sydney data center with redundant power backups and the latest versions of software to ensure the operating system is safe from attacks.  We constantly monitor and upgrade our firewall software to ensure that all clients websites are online and safe.  Sometimes scheduled maintenance is undertaken to upgrade hardware and this is done with plenty of notice and done after hours, often after midnight to avoid disruption.


I have seen website hosting for $1.99 a month, why is your hosting more?

In Australia there are far less telecommunication companies and Internet access is far higher than in other countries.  Website hosting in the UK, US and Europe offer very cheap website hosting packages and will often cram lots and lots of sites onto one server.  The result is slower performance as demands on resources are high.  You also should expect to get what you pay for, cheap doesn't mean better.  You will often struggle to get any support from a company who will be making a loss in providing it.  You will also notice that if you check the IP address of a cheaply hosted website you will often find it not located in Australia.  (try yourself here  http://www.selfseo.com/find_ip_address_of_a_website.php)  If you have a .com.au and your website has an IP in the US you should expect to gain very poor rankings in Australian Search Engines. 


I have had my websites SEO'd and the search results have dropped, why is this?

Search engines change the way they rank websites.  You need to consider that SEO is something you need to monitor and adjust periodically.  You need to think whether you may have done something to penalise you also, have you paid for links?  Have you been posting lots of spam content?  Have you sent too many newsletters and had your website blacklisted? Have you blatantly copied slabs of website text from other websites and been penalised for duplicate content?

Regular SEO is recommended to monitor and tweak your websites as search engines change their algorithms or methods of ranking what is most relevant.  Things you can do to help is continually write new information that is highly relevant to your website and unique.  Overall, we can help.


Do I need a logo to have a website?

No not really, you can have just a simple text to match your website.  However it is often the first question we ask our new customers as it gives us a style to work with and help define the look and feel of a site.  We can design logos for you and when finished you can use it on your site, your business card, letterheads and even have it printed on your shopfront, car or embroidered onto your uniform.  If you don't have one, why not get one?  They cost from $450 each!


What happens if your business falls off the face of the earth, what happens to my website?

Oh heaven forbid!  We do get asked this by people.  Basically the website is yours and from your Cpanel, take a complete backup of your entire website including email accounts, website and database and have it transferred to any other website hosting company that can host Joomla websites.  2016 marks our 10th year in business and we are in now way going anywhere!  Rest assured!


Can I come to your office to discuss the website?

We manage to meet local customers but generally our office is not open for meetings as we do all of our business via telephone, email and remote desktop support.  For some people who prefer to do business face to face this may be a new concept, however it is no barrier in us developing professional websites and we have clients in every state of Australia and even in Malaysia and Singapore!  We do however schedule phone appointments with clients or after hours to ensure we maintain high levels of communication with our customers.


Are your self managed websites easy to use?

Yes, we think so and we are told by our clients that they are!  You do not need any special HTML or programming skills of software for updating your page content.  Depending on your skill level i.e. you can manage e-bay listings you should be fine.  If not we can connect to your computer and give you a real time remote desktop training session by controlling your mouse and keyboard and show you step by step how o do certain tasks.