17 May 2017

SECURITY NEWS - Your Website, IT Systems and Keeping Step with 2017

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SECURITY NEWS - Your Website, IT Systems and Keeping Step with 2017

SSL – The Golden Padlock in Web Browsers
We have been rolling out upgrades to to the servers and applying SSL certificates to all hosting accounts, you may have noticed that your website now begins with a https://www  Why?
Sometime ago Google indicated that website owners needed to improve the security of their website to provide a safer browser experience for their visitors, and announced they would be penalising websites that did not demonstrate a SSL or HTTPS connection on contact us pages etc.
We have improved our hosting environment to allow easy installation of SSL certificates that can be used for both Website and Mailserver connections via our Cpanel.  Once enabled on your account you can begin using immediately, and change your mail client (Outlook) to use SSL secure connections.  Accounts have been checked and SSL installed on renewals for some time now.  It’s just part of our proactive service.  SSL can be installed via Cpanel > Security > Lets Encrypt SSL.  Click issue for the domain you want protected.  Ask us if if you need help.

Keeping on Top of Security Patches
Ongoing rollouts of Joomla and Wordpress security updates continue.  With recent hacking events globally, it is a reminder that as business owners we need to be aware of the implications of out of date computer systems, and websites that can easily be targeted by hackers.  No business owner with an online presence should be ignorant of the implications of not applying the latest security patches, on your computer, on your phone, tablet or website.
All of our websites have additional firewalls installed, For Joomla it is located in the Components > RS Firewall.  This is very effective in preventing real time attacks from outsiders and it has been over two years since any of our Joomla based websites have been taken down by hackers! This is why security is so important for you and us as your hosts.  

Two Factor Authentication aka Two Step Verification
What is it?  Those familiar with banking, security dongles, and the SMS’s the bank send you when you attempt to make a new EFT payment may already know what Two Factor Authentication is.  Ultimately, it is the next level of security to ensure your account is not accessed by anyone else but you as it requires to enter in a code that expires after a short time, then refreshed, only the current one will authenticate and allow you in.  Google have an app called Google Authenticator, our hosting server is now enabled with TFA.  To enable it for free on your hosting server, In Cpanel go to Security > Two-Factor Authentication.  Press setup TFA and follow the prompts.  You will be asked to scan a square barcode, with the app and it adds the server details to your smart phone.  So next time you log in with your Cpanel login and password, you will be prompted for your TFA code.  Again this is no extra cost and we think it is important that you become familiar with this technology and use it to protect your business, your privacy and your clients information.  You should be using it!

Re-Designs - Modernise your website now!
Our newest software used for designs allows for on the fly updates across Joomla, Wordpress and Magento versions.  This means that as we apply security updates we can follow-up with a design update without needing to completely redesign from scratch.
What does this mean?  Well if you need to freshen up the look of the website we can do it now alot quicker and provide a greater level of customisation than before.  Easily add high resolution images with parallax effects etc.  Check out our portfolio for some recent work.

Given that it is nearly the end of financial year, it is going to get busy again and carry on until October with new businesses starting up that need websites.  
I encourage anyone looking for a freshen up, lets make that website of yours look 2017 and not 2015! Drop me a line and I can review your site.

Charlie Server - Scheduled Server Maintenance
All accounts on the Charlie Server will be migrated to faster server infrastructure at 12am Monday 22nd 2017.  This work is being undertaken by our upstream providers and we expect a downtime of 15 mins while the file system is synchronised and the server is rebooted. 

Need to upgrade your Office IT equipment before the end of year?
We are LEADER Dealers and can have the latest in IT computers, laptops and printers delivered Australia Wide.  We can source the technology to suit your application or budget.  FREE Shipping on orders over $500.
Missed the FREE upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to 10?  For a small fee I can remotely upgrade your computer to windows 10 as it is still available, just hard to discover.  Let me know if you are interested, given recent hacking events globally you MUST be using the latest Operating System and applying security patches as they are released!  No excuses!

We will continue to be on top of security - you are in safe hands with us....

Kind Regards,

Jason Keys
Websites For Small Business
Creative Director & Owner

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